A dance entertainment company from
Southern Oregon

We help schools, churches, and youth groups achieve their dreams of putting on bangin’ parties and events while maintaining the highest standards.

We call it “Clean music, Clean standards, Clean dance”. Clean doesn’t mean boring - quite the opposite - clean just means high standards. We select our tracks with great care. We exclude anything with swear words, overt references to sex, sexcist or demeaning themes, and references glorifying the use of drugs or alcohol. True, there are tracks that play on the radio, that we just won’t play. But we are far from starving for content.

We have built a library around dance music. In the vernacular, EDM. We have found the tempo and content to be the best for vigor and action avoiding the propensity toward grinding and twerking. In technical terms, dance music has a beat fast enough to move the audience - fast enough to keep the shenanigans to a minimum - and founded on subject matter that is generally positive and uplifting. Not all popular music has these qualities. We pick and choose. And, where necessary, we find clean edits or remixes that meet our high standards.

When we deliver - we deliver like a freight train. We are expert at reading the audience and adjusting, adapting to the crowd’s mood. Following the rise and fall of the terrain. Pulling the cargo over the passes and roaring down the mountain. Exhilarating! There are trade secrets involved, but moving the energy up and down, building to ecstatic release is the aim of any performance. Suffice it to say, we know how to drive the train.

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It is the philosophy at KLE3N Entertainment that we give our kids what they need; that GBGH is a strategic technique; and that good clean fun can be had and it’s not that hard to achieve.

We believe that our teen audiences are unique in their cultural needs. In today’s world, our guests have a litany of choices in music, entertainment, styles, influences, etc. It has never been easier to access exactly what they want. In mere moments today’s youth can research, obtain, enjoy, and critique any musical artist, their histories, habits, shortcomings, and influences. And, no longer are there monolithic genres that categorize a geographic subsection of our populous. Cultural exposure is literally ubiquitous in our kids lives. We know this. We work it!

We endeavor to provide our audiences with something they can’t get from YouTube, or Pandora, or even their own media playlist. Energy. They may have attended concerts or dance venues, but our local youth have rarely had the opportunity to feel - not just hear - feel their favorite tracks at 25,000 watts. When they experience the thunder of the bass or the sublime tweet of a melody in front of the stacks surrounded by their friends; when they anticipate the drop and the cacophony of pressure in the dance zone, they match the texture of the tunes with the emotions of a full body experience. We have provided something unique.

We strive to support the experiential aspects of our performance with mood. To us, it is not enough to shine some random bright lights, we want to alter the environment on the dancefloor with mood enhancing effects. When the song is sedate - the blues and magentas. When it’s hot - red and cyan. It may be hard to describe, but over the years we have found that through sound, tempo, punch, color and light the experience is enhanced.

And finally, we know that good clean fun is not only attainable, it’s easy to enjoy. Such results are built into our processes from the beginning and through every step we deliver in performance.

At KLE3NDance we have a variety of resources to help us achieve our aim - from ground based sound systems to flying lighting rigs, big screen projection systems and lasers. We have built our systems around JBL Professional sound gear, DMX computer controlled lighting equipment and provide select decor and environmental elements. We also offer a complete suite of promotional tools to enhance the theme or mood of our events. We thrive on improving and increasing our show - we embrace the challenge to improve.

They say nothing beats experience. Why do they say that? Well it’s true. But what does experience mean to an entertainment company. We think it means smooth - smooth, purposeful, and flexible.

When your event is a “must be success” you have to trust those you engage to deliver. You want to know that when things go sideways - and don’t kid yourself, they eventually will go sideways - that there is someone solid enough to get things back on track without the audience being affected. Only experience can do that. Experience can anticipate those bumps. They’ve seen them. Experience means nine things are going on at once and it looks effortless. Experience means seeing the entire project and knowing just when to make the move. Only experience can deliver consistently.

1982 - Our DJ - DJ KLE3N (aka Dean Vincent) - got his start in 1982 when a high school work experience opportunity arose at the local FM radio station, KRSB radio right here in Douglas County, Oregon. At the tender age of 18, he quickly realized he had the chops to juggle playlist programming, taking requests, making on air announcements and promoting events. Music stuck to him.

Off to college, career and adventure, he got side tracked building a family, training for a profession and returning to Oregon from Arizona but he never shrunk from his dance roots. Country & western, pop, and some glam rock rounded out his playlists by the time the iPod transformed how we all consumed music.

2002 - When a need arose to host dance parties for a teen church event, his performance past was recalled and he was pressed into service.

Since that time he has had a permanent residency in Southern Oregon dropping at over 200 events as a DJ, decorator, promoter, and consultant for youth dances. Over the years he has also logged dozens of weddings, events, shows, presentations, lectures and symposiums.

DJ KLE3N continues to deliver party worthy performances from his super KLE3N music library and is currently booking dates at least six months out.


Professionals should know what they’re doing; they should be responsible for their behaviors; and most of all, we believe they should be accountable to their customers. Here are the questions we think every DJ should be asked, and our responses.

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