It is the philosophy at KLE3N Entertainment that we give our kids what they need; that GBGH is a strategic technique; and that good clean fun can be had and it’s not that hard to achieve.

We believe that our teen audiences are unique in their cultural needs. In today’s world, our guests have a litany of choices in music, entertainment, styles, influences, etc. It has never been easier to access exactly what they want. In mere moments today’s youth can research, obtain, enjoy, and critique any musical artist, their histories, habits, shortcomings, and influences. And, no longer are there monolithic genres that categorize a geographic subsection of our populous. Our kids are literally ubiquitous in their cultural exposure. We know this. We work it!

We endeavor to provide our audiences with something they can’t get from YouTube, or Pandora, or even their own media playlist. Energy. They may have attended concerts or dance venues, but our local youth have rarely had the opportunity to feel - not just hear - feel their favorite tracks at 25,000 watts. When they experience the thunder of the bass or the sublime tweet of a melody in front of the stacks surrounded by their friends; when they anticipate the drop and the cacophony of pressure in the dance zone, they match the texture of the tunes with the emotions of a full body experience. We have provided something unique.

We strive to support the experiential aspects of our performance with mood. To us, it is not enough to shine some random bright lights, we want to alter the environment on the dancefloor with mood enhancing effects. When the song is sedate - the blues and magentas. When it’s hot - red and cyan. It may be hard to describe, but over the years we have found that through sound, tempo, punch, color and light the experience is enhanced.

And finally, we know that good clean fun is not only attainable, it’s easy to enjoy. Such results are built into our processes from the beginning and through every step we deliver in performance.

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