The 6 P's



No epic night comes off by accident. If you are planning an event, and you want it to shine, you surround yourself with the best talent, the best food, the best decor, in the best venue, you can afford. You organize, delegate, promote, follow up, work, sweat, and pray that it materializes according to plan. And then, night of, you panic! Will it all be what I was hoping?

For our part, we know what it takes to create events that resonate with an audience - events so tangible, that they go home changed. We accomplish with what we call the 6Ps.


From the moment we arrive - in the planning, the presentation, the setup, the performance and even clean up - we are professional. Peace of mind comes from knowing that even if things go sideways (and they do), no one will be the wiser as professionalism shines through.


When your responsibility is projecting the mood - either through sound, video, lighting, or voice - bringing just the right balance is critical. We scale from small to large, house parties to event centers and everything in between. We customize everything we provide to the needs of your event. But, one thing's for certain - KLE3N power is palpable.


The impression an attendee gains interacting with your event sets the foundation of their lasting impression. When things are themed tightly, well thought out, and sensical the audience feels at ease and opens up to the magical mood you have in store. KLE3N supports the effort integrating sound, light, announcing and decor to fulfil the magic.


Some may discard the DJ as just a button pusher - excellence in entertainment goes far beyond the onsite set. Requests are taken, songs are auditioned, lyrics referenced, predominant key determined, hot cues installed, crates organized, transitions tested, and the list goes on. For each and every event, the deckmeister researches the best possible strategy to move the audience. Even during the performance, probabilities and reaction are gauged and evaluated to predict the response to the next track to play with the goal of enlivening each guest to a joyous (even rokus) happening.


Some might say that the entertainment need only worry from go time to close. At KLE3N we disagree. We know our performance begins with the audition and only ends after the gear is back on the shelves. To have a successful night, many stars must align. From promotion to feedback, we strive to imbue the theme and mood of the performance. The quiet and serene of a reverent chamber orchestra or the pounding energy of a Miami festival - we can deliver the performance.


If a DJ raves in the woods and nobody's there to hear it - was it epic? Nope. We know how to promote. Getting an audience is important to KLE3NDance. For reasons that can only be described as kinetics, we want to assist in making your event as successful as possible. From theme concepts, to banners and posters, from hand out cards to radio spots, from social media tools to Google AdWords, we are also here to give your event legs.

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Professionals should know what they’re doing; they should be responsible for their behaviors; and most of all, we believe they should be accountable to their customers. Here are the questions we think every DJ should be asked, and our responses.

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